Why us?

High quality

Focus on high quality production and services processes. High quality for us is full satisfaction of our customers and users of manufactured components. Specific customer requirements are the main target of our plant development and we are able to adapt to any specific customer requirements, based on Customer wish.

Competitive prices

Price competitiveness through optimization and monitoring of internal processes and reduction of unnecessary costs, management processes are carried out by the owners of the company, which implement costs reduction in the organizational structure.

Employees development

Focus on continuous development of our employees competences and creation of high quality approach through our organization by internal and external training, implementation of the company's policy based on introducing employees to the various stages of the process and promotion of employees after having acquired and appropriate practical experience in the required area.

Strong commitment of company owners

Direct involvement of the owners in monitoring all key processes because they have long-term practice experience in all areas of activity.

Short timing

Guarantee of short timings for new project developement and execution of current orders – we are not a big production plant but with an advantage of full flexibility and no barriers related to formality and extensive organizational structure. As the owners we are in direct relation with customers and we are decision-makers and have full knowledge of the whole process and quick access to key indicators, it allows us to make decisions within the short time required by the customer.

Strong relationships with Customers

We are focus to build long-term relationships with current and new potential customers. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the automotive, electrotechnical and electrical industries, and we are able to meet the requirements of other industries – medical, aerospace, household appliances, construction, utility and others.

Process flexibility

We are open to adapting internal processes to customer requirements (labelling, documents, etc.) We have internal process to create it and qualifications without additional costs of external process.

Supplier management

We cooperate with qualified suppliers and monitor them to keep the best suppliers who meet the highest quality of deliveries. Suppliers are selected on the basis of quality level, price and long-term relationships to not put any risk to our customer requirements.